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Will You Be the Next Winloot Winner?

Here at Winloot, we’re always thinking of new ways for our players to win loot! After all, that is the name of the game and that’s all we do! We run free lottery style and sweepstakes games to give you as many chances to win as possible! In fact, Winloot now has over 101,000 winners to date and more than 14,000 multi-time winners! 

What’s their secret, you may ask? What exactly is the key to winning? The answer is very simple. Play every day through all the games we offer to maximize your chances of winning! That’s how winners win! We offer cash prizes up to $10 million, which can be paid in a lump sum of around $4.2 million or $16.5k a month for life! That’s the winner’s choice! 

Add to that, we offer over 100 other ways to win cash and great prizes! Recently, we had a $10,000 cash prize winner who was chosen at random from all the Winloot Sweepstakes entries we received. Bob W. of Tucson, Arizona, was fortunate to be chosen as the lucky winner of this huge cash prize on July 29, 2021. He’s not the first winner of the $10k prize and he certainly won’t be the last!  

Once we choose a winner the sweepstakes is reset, and another lucky winner will be chosen at random from all the entries we’ve received when the sweepstake period ends. That’s why it’s important to enter and play every day. That’s the way to secure every possible chance to win! 

On top of that, our sweepstakes games are 100% free to enter every day and collecting your prize money is absolutely free. There is nothing on our sites which you will ever have to pay for. That’s one of the criteria for legally running free sweepstakes games, which we follow to the letter of the law. If anyone ever asks you for money to collect a prize, you can be sure it’s not us and it’s not legitimate, so steer clear of anyone who may be trying to scam you. 

We’ve been in the sweepstakes business for a long time because we just love helping people by giving them as many chances as possible to win cash prizes which could change their life, or at least help them out with bills or whatever they need money for.  

So, go ahead and enjoy our daily Winloot games. If you win cash or a prize, we’ll contact you at the email address registered with your free Winloot membership, or the email address you entered on Winloot Sweepstakes for any of our contests. That’s why it’s important to use your real email address, enter it correctly and keep an eye on your email inbox for potentially good news! 

If you’d like to see real people winning real cash and prizes on Winloot and Winloot Sweepstakes, head to our YouTube Channel, where you can hear what our winners have to say! 

Another bit of great news for our players: Winloot Live is back! We’ve got a brand-new host, Stephen Kramer Glickman, and we’re currently running contestant auditions. If you’d like to chance to win loot live on the show, visit Winloot Sweepstakes YouTube channel to submit your 30-second audition video for the chance to become a contestant and Spin to Win with Stephen! 

You can also follow us on TwitterFacebook and Instagram to stay up on the latest excitement! We wish you good luck and hope you enjoy playing Winloot! Best wishes for winning loot and we hope to see your name and fantastic prize listed on Winners Way soon! 

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