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Beginners Luck Pays Big for $300,000 Winloot Winner!

Was it real or was she dreaming? Tammy P. of Marysville, Tennessee, had to pinch herself when she got word from that she won the Special $300,000 Sweepstakes Contest drawing. Winloot’s prize director chatted with Tammy on a video call to reveal the astonishing news! Tammy was visibly a bit shocked, and who wouldn’t be?! She really couldn’t believe she just won all that loot!

Tammy said she’s 59 years old and has been married for forty years. She’s got one son and a little Chihuahua dog that she loves so much. When our prize director asked how long she’s been playing online sweepstakes and if she’s ever won anything before, she said she’s been playing probably three or four months and, no, she hasn’t won anything before. That just goes to show it only takes one entry to win!

When asked if she was ready to hear how much she won, Tammy said, “yes!” “Here we go, Tammy, you have won our Three Hundred Thousand Dollar Cash Giveaway Prize!” Looking stunned, Tammy exclaimed, “What?!! How much, again? My God! Is this real?”

Yes, it is real, Tammy. How do you feel now that you’ve found out how much you’ve won? “I feel numb! Like it’s hard to believe. I can use it!” Tammy was at a loss for words. It certainly is a shocking surprise to find out you’ve just won over a quarter million dollars! Tammy had signed up for a free Winloot membership account only hours prior to winning, and that sure is the best kind of beginner’s luck!

Does Tammy have any big plans for the money, and will she keep playing online sweepstakes? “Oh, yes! Yes, yes! I am going to pay off our vehicles, get us completely out of debt so my husband, when he retires in a couple of years, won’t have to worry about nothing. I’ll probably keep playing. Ain’t no harm in it!”

The other great news in this happy winner story? Winloot Chief Marketing Officer, Matt Gately, flew to Tennessee to hand deliver the very real prize check, along with a bouquet of flowers and balloons, just in time for Tammy to celebrate her 60th birthday! Wearing a big winner smile as she gazed at the check for $275,810.10 with her name printed on it (having chosen a lump sum payment), Tammy declared, “I see it’s real now!”

We’re sure Tammy’s got some serious celebrating to do! Her plans also include buying new furniture and taking a beach vacation.

What would Tammy say to skeptics and people who don’t believe these things can happen or that they’re actually real? “Just try for yourself. I wasn’t even thinking about ever winning. I was just playing to be playing and look what happened. I won!”

Does Tammy have any type of routine for playing online sweeps?
“I just do it whenever I have time to do it.”

Here at Winloot, we couldn’t agree more. Since every player has the same chance of winning, any entry could turn out to be a lucky winner. Playing our free daily sweepstakes every day whenever you have time is the best way to ensure you don’t miss a single chance to win loot!

Check out our YouTube video to watch Tammy receive her prize check, hand delivered to her Maryville, Tennessee home by Winloot’s CMO!

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