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You Could Be the Next Winner – Winloot $500 Bonus Giveaway Ends May 15, 2021!

Here at Winloot, we keep thinking up new and exciting ways for our players to enter for chances to win loot! If you haven’t checked it out yet, head to our $500 Bonus Giveaway page and claim your free chances to win. Our most recent $500 Bonus Giveaway winner, Deborah M. in Irvington, New Jersey, hit that winning cash prize on March 17, 2021. Now that’s surely the luck o’ the Irish and the luck of Winloot combined to create that magical cash prize win! 

Not only are we giving chances to win $500 in our cash prize drawing on May 15, 2021, we also have instant chances to win up to $100 on the spot, just like Randall P. in Pennsylvania, who won $100 on March 27, 2021 in our instant-win scratch game! You can also search the treasure map on the island of Winlootia for more chances to uncover the $500 cash prize instantly! In fact, we give our players chances to uncover that $500 hidden loot instantly both on our bonus giveaways site and on! Just pick a spot on the map and click or tap it. You never know what you’ll find underneath until you do and many players have found that hidden stash of awesome loot! Once you’ve finished these exciting chances to win, you’ll unlock another entry for the $500 Bonus Giveaway! It doesn’t get much more fun in the land of Winloot Bonus Giveaways than that!  

After you’ve completed your bonus games; you’ll get free chances to enter the $10,000 Winloot Sweepstakes. We’ll be awarding this humongous cash prize to one lucky winner on July 29, 2021, so don’t miss any of your free chances to enter to win! We also have other exciting Winloot Sweepstakes giveaways, so be sure to enter all of them! You never know when you’re entry will be chosen and you’ll be celebrating being a Winloot winner!

Of course, these are chances to win in addition to all of the exciting ways you can win on Winloot, so don’t forget to keep playing! Winloot offers 100 ways to win loot every day, including 30 sweepstakes lottery style games. Once you unlock our $5,000 instant win game while you’re playing Winloot, you’ll also have up to 65 chances to win this fabulous pile of loot instantly, which quite a number of players have achieved! We also have a variety of instant win scratch offs as well as token prize giveaways. You’ll earn tokens just for playing Winloot, which you can enter for even more fun giveaways. Just head to the tokens page and take a look. You can see how many tokens you’ve earned by looking at the top of your screen. You’ll probably be amazed how many you have and how quickly you’ve earned them! So, be sure to enter them and keep an eye on your email for potential winner messages from us! 

Becoming a member of Winloot is as easy as entering your email address and always 100% free to join and play. Simply sign up for your free membership using a real email address where we can reach you. If you win one of our fabulous prizes, that’s where we’ll contact you to arrange your prize payment. Winloot has more than 96,000 winners to date and our list keeps growing daily. One thing is certain, real people win real money on Winloot every day! Just check out Winners Way and see for yourself. We hope, if you haven’t already, you find your name listed there with a fantastic Winloot prize next to it! Have fun playing and good luck at winning lots of loot! 

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