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Real People Winning Real Money on Winloot Live!

Winloot Live airs Tuesday nights at 6 pm eastern. More and more players are tuning in for their free and easy chances to win loot with a quick spin of the prize wheel by host Matty Prizes! We have quite a number of multi-time winners who were chosen by the randomizer to play. Once you’re selected, you’re guaranteed to win! Whether it’s $10, $20, $50 or $100, it’s always exciting since it’s free money you can use any way you want to! 

If you’d like to get in on the fun and excitement simply follow @MattyPrizes on Twitter and tune in to Winloot Sweeps on Instagram Tuesday nights at 6 pm eastern time. Drop a comment if you’d like to play and your name will be dropped into the randomizer. If you’re chosen to play, Matty will bring you on the live show and spin that wheel to see what your prize will be. Just be sure to tune in on your cell phone so you can easily connect if you’re chosen to play. 

Winloot Live is super fun and everyone gets really excited when they’re selected to play. We have quite a number of players who have won multiple times, like Shaneekya Y. who won $100 five weeks in a row! Travis J. is another dedicated Winloot player and one of the very first players on Winloot Live who won $300 just for tuning in and playing a quick spin of the prize wheel!  

On April 27, 2021, the first spin of the wheel hit that $100 cash prize for two college students who are big fans of the show and also help to spread the word about Winloot Live! Congrats, ladies! Keep tuning in for more chances to be chosen to play!  

If you’d like to see previous episodes to find out what the fuss is all about, check out Winloot Sweeps on Instagram where you can replay past shows to see how much fun it really is! The show moves fast. Matty makes it super fun and everyone who plays is a Winloot Live winner! Be sure to invite your family and friends to tune in for their chances to spin the prize wheel too. The more the merrier! Good luck! 

Keep playing Winloot every day too for your exciting free chances to win up to $10 million! Winloot has over 97,000 winners to date and our list keeps growing every single day! Don’t forget to keep an eye on your email messages. That’s how we’ll notify you and arrange to send your prize payment if you become one of our lucky winners too! We’d love nothing more than to add your name to Winners Way and send you a payment or really cool prize like so many of our players have won! 

If you’re not already among our fabulous membership, joining Winloot is super easy and completely 100% free. Simply create your member profile by filling in your email address and basic information. Be sure to use your real email address, and add your postal address if you’d like to be paid by check in the mail. It’s important to note: Winloot only contacts our winners at the email address registered with their free membership account. So, be sure to enter it correctly and keep an eye out for messages from Winloot. You could very well be among our next lucky winners. We’d love nothing more than to notify you of your amazing win and send your prize payment to you! We’ll also list your name and prize on Winners Way so you can show off to your friends and family that you’ve joined the ranks of thousands of Winloot winners! Good luck and have fun playing Winloot

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