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Winloot Live Free Style Rapper Makes History

If you’ve been following along for a while, you’re sure to have seen our popular game show, Winloot Live, which airs on YouTube, hosted by none other than the very talented and super funny Stephen Kramer Glickman, along with his trusty sidekick Aiden Christopher Wall. Our dynamic duo have been out on the streets of Los Angeles, recruiting contestants to play our fun games including Dare To Be Awesome!

In a recent episode, which originally aired on March 29, 2023, one such contestant proved he was just that: completely and totally awesome! Rex, from the Bronx, New York, was visiting the Los Angeles area and lucked into an impromptu spot on the show. Rex said he was just out there having fun in the California sun, which inspired SKG to break into song, which Rex completes singing ad lib on the spot. The show only gets better from there as Rex proves over and over that with each challenge he’s got what it takes to impress our hosts and win all the loot they have to offer!

Rex’s challenges including running for president and telling everyone why they should vote for him. Spoiler alert: if you like bacon and donuts, he’s your man! Rex goes on to talk without moving his mouth, freestyles a rap beyond belief (totally nails it!) and even eats his airline boarding pass.

If you want to see how Rex makes Winloot Live History as one of the most talented contestants we’ve ever seen and how much loot that earned him, head to our YouTube channel and tune in! You can watch this and other past episodes as well as tune in on new ones as they are released each week.

Be sure to check out another edition of the show featuring our host with the most, Carolyn Martin, who challenges contestants in the gym and awards cash each time they succeed! You’re sure to root them on whether it’s catching a cookie off their nose, flipping coins into a cup, shooting hoops, playing cornhole or answering trivia.

Don’t forget to visit too, where you can also view special episodes of the show and enter to win awesome giveaways including cash and prizes. You can even enter to win the $50 Daily Cash Giveaway, which is awarded to someone every single day! Hey, that’s free money and you can spend it any way you want to! Winloot Live has prizes as high as $88,888 cash, along with computers and electronics, gift cards and more!

You can also see some of our big Winloot winner reveal videos and see how awesome they felt to win a big cash prize! Plus, if you’d like to be a contestant on Winloot Live, you can enter to win a spot on an upcoming special episode, which is pretty amazing if you want to be in the spotlight and have a great time with one or more of our fabulous hosts playing to win loot and having fun too!

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