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Surprise Winner Reveal – Cindy M. of Louisville, Kentucky

Cindy M. from Louisville, Kentucky, was so happy to receive a winner email notification from us, she agreed to a video chat with our prize director without even knowing what she had won! It’s a good thing she checked her email and didn’t miss that important message!

The conversation starts out rather casually, as Cindy talks a bit about herself. She said she likes to crochet and make quilts and enjoys hanging out with her family and their pets. Cindy has been an avid online sweepstakes player for around ten years and has won several times, including $500 on our sister-site, RewardIt.

When the big reveal moment came and our prize director announced that Cindy had won the second largest giveaway offered on WinlootSweepstakes, the 75” Ultra High-Definition Television, worth $700, in the March 30, 2023, prize drawing, her first reaction was to say she feels great! She then exclaimed, “That’s terrific. YAY!”

Cindy went on to say she loves the sweepstakes and especially loves to win! She advises other sweepstakes players to keep entering, saying they are “actually real,” so go ahead and enter. You’ve got nothing to lose since it’s all free! “Keep at it, and don’t give up!”

Cindy opted to take her prize in the form of the cash equivalent, so she’ll be receiving a check for $700 from WinlootSweepstakes. She plans to take her family out for a long overdue dinner to treat them to a memorable meal with some of her winnings.

Who knows, she may even decide to buy some special treats and toys for her pets, stock up on crocheting and quilting supplies, and keep on enjoying her time with her family making new memories with more meals together at their favorite places.

It certainly has be memorable already for Cindy. Congratulations from all of us at WinlootSweepstakes! We wish you all the best of continued success and look forward to seeing your name on more prize wins!

If you’d like the chance to be a winner like Cindy and so many others, be sure to visit WinlootSweepstakes and enter to win our amazing giveaways including $10,000 Cash! It’s always free and easy to enter by filling in your email address for each entry submission. Just be sure to spell it correctly and use the one you check the most often. That’s how we notify our lucky winners and arrange to pay their prize award!

If you want to view the video interview with Cindy, head to our YouTube channel where you can watch her reaction and hear her thoughts and advice. One thing all of our winners have in common is that they keep entering and never give up. That’s the way to become a winner, and possibly win multiple times!

WinlootSweepstakes is one of the Winloot sites where players can enter free sweepstakes games for the chance to win incredible giveaways, including the $10,000 cash prize. It’s simple to enter by clicking on the prize and submitting your email address for each sweepstakes entry. It’s important to make sure you spell your email address correctly before clicking the blue “Enter Now” submission button. That’s the only criteria by which your entries are recorded and where you will be notified if you win. Each prize offers between five and ten free daily entries. Once you max out your entries for the day, you can return to enter again each day until the sweepstakes ends, and a new winner is chosen. The great news is, if you don’t win the first time around, the prize drawing date is reset so you will have another opportunity to be the next winner.

There are more opportunities to win on and, so be sure to visit those sites as well as Don’t forfeit this free opportunity to become a winner, where more than 128,000 players have won cash and awesome prizes!

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