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$1,000 Visa Card Token Prize Winner – June 22, 2021!

It sure turned out to be an exciting day for Michelle C. in Winter Haven, Florida, when she got the super thrilling email message from Winloot saying she just won our $1,000 Visa Card Token Prize Giveaway on June 22, 2021! It’s always the luck of the draw since our winners are chosen at random by an independent third party from all of the many entries we receive . We’re so glad you were selected and proud to add your name and fabulous prize win to our list of more than 100,000 winners which keeps growing every day! Now, you’ve just added those bragging rights to your own list, Michelle, and we couldn’t be happier to award this fantastic prize to you! Having $1,000 to spend anywhere and any way you choose is sure to kick up the fun in your life and we hope you have a great time with it! You could easily use it for a nice relaxing vacation away from your daily routine, or to put a down payment on a new car or place to live, or enjoy the ultimate retail therapy and literally shop till you drop! A cool grand to spend on anything you want is no doubt a dream come true and we’re certain you’ll make some of your dreams a reality with all of that loot to spend! Enjoy it and don’t forget to tell everyone how you won it! We’re pretty sure, although they may be a tad jealous, you’ll be generous enough to tell them all about Winloot so they can sign up for their own free membership and get in on more than 100 fun ways to win loot every single day! is the official source for Winloot winner information. Becoming a member of Winloot is as easy as entering your email address and always 100% free to join and play. We give our players 30 daily entries into our sweepstakes games, and over 100 ways to win some loot, absolutely free every single day. Prizes range from $100 all the way to $16,500 a month for life (equal to $10 Million!) with the option to collect the grand prize in a lump sum payment of around $4.2 million. Other top prizes include $1 million and $100,000. Players have the choice of selecting their own numbers or using Quick Picks. Either way, you can save your numbers and “Use Faves” the next time you play if you want to enter with the same set of numbers. If you match the winning numbers, you win that prize! Prizes under $2,500 can be paid out to a PayPal account, a check in the mail or an Amazon Gift Card. Prizes over $2,500 are sent via a check in the mail.  

Be sure to use a current email address when playing Winloot. We certainly wouldn’t want you to miss out on an important message from us – like a prize win! Have fun and best of luck for winning some loot and fantastic prizes too! We’d certainly be thrilled to add your name to our very long list of more than 99,000 winners on Winners Way, which keeps growing every single day! 

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