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Win Some Loot on Winloot Live Tuesdays at 6 pm!

We’re having a super great time every Tuesday night at 6 pm eastern on Winloot Live with host Matty Prizes! If you haven’t joined us yet, consider this your official invitation to have some fun and win some loot! That’s right, everyone Matty brings on the show is guaranteed to win a cash or gift card prize! Now you can see why we’re having so much fun! After all, who doesn’t like giving free money away and who wouldn’t want to win it?! 

This week’s show had a very heartwarming moment when a Matty brought on a player named Mary. Matty asked how she was doing and she told Matty she has cancer and proceeded to point to her “cancer cap and chemo head,” but said she’s “doing alright.” Matty asked if winning some money would make her a little happier. She said, sure, and was hoping to hit “100 bucks.” When Matty spun the wheel for Mary and it landed on $20 that wasn’t good enough for our generous and good hearted Matty, so he spun the wheel a few more times and gave this wonderful woman $90 cash! He wished her wellness and good health as Mary showed us her beautiful smile. She ended the call by saying “I love you!” We love you too, Mary, and wish you a successful recovery!

That’s just one of the many inspiring heartfelt moments you’ll see on Winloot Live. We’re all about real people winning real money and there’s nothing that makes us happier than when someone who needs cash wins it! We have so many happy and excited players who win cash and prizes every week on and Winloot Live. We’d love for you to join us and invite your friends and family to play. In fact, we have whole families who come on the show together and some who refer family members and friends for their own free chances at a spin of the prize wheel! 

If you’d like to join us, we’d love to have you on the show! To be eligible to play all you have to do is like and comment on Winloot Sweeps post on Instagram Tuesday’s at 5:30 just prior to the 6 pm show. Your name or handle will be tossed into the randomizer to see if you’re chosen to play. Once you’re on the air, Matty spins the Prize Wheel and you win whatever it lands on. There is no space on the wheel which doesn’t have a prize. That way everyone who plays is assured of winning! 

Sound fun? It is! So, be sure to like and follow Winloot Sweeps on InstagramWinloot on Twitter and Matty Prizes on Twitter and tune in on your smartphone so you can go live on the air with Matty if you’re chosen to play!

You can view past episodes of Winloot Live on our YouTube Channel and Instagram, so be sure to check it out! You’ll laugh, cry, cheer and most likely want to play. We’d love to have you on! 

We hope to see your smiling face winning some loot on an upcoming Winloot Live show! Don’t forget to keep playing Winloot every day for your free chances to win up to $10 Million! 

Please note: Winloot Sweeps is the only real Winloot page on Instagram. This is our official account where we broadcast Winloot Live. We do not direct message or contact any of our players about winning cash or a prize. If you win, Matty will give you our Winloot email address and instructions to collect your prize money absolutely free of charge and he also posts the info after the show. 

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