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If you’ve been missing out on the Winloot Live fun and excitement, there’s only one thing to do! Tune in each week on Instagram on Tuesday’s at 6pm eastern time with host Matty Prizes for your free chance to spin the prize wheel and win some loot! That’s right, we guarantee cash or a gift card prize to everyone who spins, no exceptions! Why, you may ask? Because Winloot is all about real people winning cash and prizes, and we just wouldn’t feel good about ourselves if you walked away without winning something. That’s just how we roll! Prizes on the wheel range from $10 all the way to $100 cash! You’ll certainly be thrilled to see the wheel land on that crisp Benjamin, whether it’s your turn or someone else’s! Our players scream, cheer, jump up and down, bring their pets and kids on the show, dance around even in the rain and have a great time with their friends as host Matty Prizes spins the wheel to see what prize they’ll win.  

Our May 18, 2021 live show, which you can watch on our YouTube channel, was so full of excitement, we’re sure everyone can’t wait until next week! This is high energy fun and you can win $100 in less than one minute! Where else can you make $100 in a minute?! 

The first group of friends on the show are certainly big fans. They were cheering and blowing kisses from the moment Matty brought them on the air and their spin of the wheel landed on that top $100 prize. Well, all we can say is lower your volume because the screaming got pretty loud and their excitement was just over the top! Congrats! Enjoy your loot guys and gals!  

Next, we had a college student up for a spin. Matty Prizes has gotten quite a great following of college kids who just love coming on Winloot Live with their friends, telling all their friends to tune in and, of course, spinning the prize wheel to win some loot. Landing on $50 is not half bad. Enjoy it! 

Another spin of the wheel and another $100 prize for a woman who is the “best of Spindom in all of Winloot!” and now she just won again! We have quite a number of multi-time players winning top cash prizes so be sure to keep tuning in for your own free chance to spin and win! 

Josh is one of our very favorite Winloot players, among many, and we were so happy he got on the show again and landed a cool $50 just for a quick spin on the wheel. He said Winloot is one of his favorite sites (among our sister sites) and we’re sure of that because he also stays in touch with Winloot on Twitter and lets us know every day that he’s played. We love your dedication, Josh. Congrats again on another amazing win! 

Two young and very enthusiastic gentlemen were up for a spin on the prize wheel next and were happily shouting “hit me with the big one!” The wheel hit them with a nice $50 cash prize and that’s not too shabby for a few seconds of your time. After all, who gets paid $50 for less than a minute?! 

Our next player hit $20 and, well, it’s a free $20 and she was happy enough to say “I love you!” to our Matty Prizes! We love you too and all of our dedicated Winlooters. We can’t wait to see what you win next!

For the next spin, we had a mother and daughter hit $50! That could cover a nice family take-out dinner or some weekly groceries courtesy of Winloot! Enjoy!

Our last contestants on today’s show really got excited when they too hit the $100 cash prize saying, “that’s big, right there!” Congrats, guys. Have a great time with your loot! 

To become a contestant on Winloot Live simply follow Winloot Sweeps on Instagram. Like and comment on our post on Tuesday’s at 5:30 pm eastern time and tune in on your smartphone at 6 pm for your free chance to spin the prize wheel and win some loot!  

Don’t forget to keep playing Winloot for your free daily chances to win up to $10 million!  

Please Be Advised: Winloot Sweeps is the only real Winloot page on Instagram. We will never ask you for any type of payment or strange action in order to collect your prize money. Winloot prize payments are arranged via email and no other way. If anyone contacts you asking you to do anything other than email to collect your prize, you can be sure they are not associated with Winloot and are more than likely out to scam you. There is only one legitimate Winloot Sweeps on Instagram. 

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