Winloot Winners

Will You Be The Next $100,000 Winner?

This is a serious question and one that deserves consideration. Winloot is a free sweepstakes site that offers players free membership to play free sweepstakes games every day! One of the daily games includes a prize of a whopping $100,000! In fact, Patrick A. from New Jersey, chose the winning numbers and did in fact receive a big fat check for that impressive $100,000 from Winloot!

One important note that is certainly worthy of mentioning, is that Patrick A. initially did not reply to his winner email message from Winloot. A search ensued and took some time to reach him with the exciting news. In fact, the team at Winloot was so thrilled and so relieved to have finally located Patrick, they took the drive to New Jersey to personally hand deliver the big check!

This is why it’s vital to check for emails from Winloot. Just imagine winning all that money and you didn’t check to find the winner notification in your email inbox. That’s like throwing away a winning lottery ticket! The big difference is it doesn’t cost anything to play Winloot! So, if you’re new to the site, be sure to register your free membership with an email address you definitely check on a daily basis. If you’ve been a member for a while, it’s a good idea to take a look at your account profile to make sure your information is still current. You just never know when you might choose the winning numbers in any of the free daily sweepstakes games and that will add up to free money in your bank account or wherever you choose to put it!

So, when you get to Game 6 on Winloot and choose your lucky 7 numbers for the chance to win the $100,000 cash just like Patrick A. did, don’t forget to check your email the next day! Of course, there are plenty of opportunities to win other cash amounts, including the jackpot prize of $10 million, which can be paid out in a lump sum or monthly installments. That will be the awesome choice of the very lucky winner!

Winloot Winners is the place to find out who’s been winning on and what exciting prizes they’ve won! Winloot has so many happy winners, some even send us a selfie proudly holding their prize check! Winloot is a 100% FREE online Sweepstakes site. Membership is always completely free and as simple as filling in your email address to get started. Registered members can play lotto style sweepstakes games ranging from $100 to $10,000,000 every day. We also have a daily $250 cash prize giveaway daily which we award to one lucky entrant just for playing our free games! Players also earn tokens which can be used to enter to win some other really exciting Token prize giveaways like cash, gift cards, iPads, and big screen TVs. We give as many chances as possible for our members to enter to win. In fact, Winloot has over 100 ways our players can win every day! We love awarding cash and prizes as our list of happy winners continues to grow every day and now exceeds 124,000 to date!  

To join our free membership and start playing, simply fill in your main email address. That’s how we contact our winners with exciting prize notifications and other important news and, of course, arrange to send their prize payment! Don’t forget to open your email messages from Winloot. We certainly don’t want anyone to miss out on a prize winner message! Have fun and good luck winning some loot!

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