Winloot Winners

Who’s Been Winning Lately?

October 17th, 2017 was a pretty big day for winners here at WINLOOT. In addition to our $250 Daily Giveaway winner Etelvina R. from Laveen, Arizona, there was Randall C. from Lexington, Kentucky who won $100 instantly, and of course Garry C. from Roper, North Carolina who won $1000 by matching 7 out of 8 numbers in our $10K A Month For Life Sweepstakes. Can you believe how close that Garry came to the big prize?  There are two opportunities every day to play life-changing $10,000 a Month for Life Giveaway.  Just enter games 15 and 30 and check back the next day to see if you won and play some more.

And let’s not forget William W. of Saint Petersburg, Florida AND Cleo W. from Waynesboro, Virginia who BOTH won $5000 Instantly on October 7th, 2017!!!

Keep playing and let us know when you win because we love to hear from our winners! And be sure to check your emails for that potential Winners Notification.

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