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$1000 Winner Alert $10K A Month For Life Game!!!

Good morning, Garry C. of Roper, North Carolina. Did you just feel that cool chill run down your spine on October 17th, 2017? That was the feeling of you matching 7 or 8 numbers and winning $1,000.00 in our $10K A Month For Life Game. Providing an additional measure of drama, it turns out that Gary only missed matching all 8 winning numbers by a single digit. You see, while Gary played the number 6, the lone winning number he didn’t match was 5!!! Of course, the good news is we’ll be sending Gary a check for $1,000 very shortly for his amazing near perfect game.

Want your create your own dramatic Winloot tale? There are two opportunities every day to play our life-changing $10,000 a Month for Life Giveaway. Just enter games 15 and 30 and check back the next day to see how the story unfolds.

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