Winloot Winners

TWO $5000 Winners In Ten Days!!!

Not One — BUT TWO Game 12 Winners of $5,000 in just TEN DAYS TIME at Winloot!!!

This is a rare occasion so we here at Winloot wanted to celebrate with our latest $5000 Cash Winners–

Congratulations to Billie B. of Indianapolis, Indiana who won on December 1st, 2018!


Congratulations to Cindy F. of Addis, Louisiana who won on December 11th, 2018!!!

$5000 is quite a bit of cash, am I right?

Now December isn’t over yet, so there may be some more $5000 Wins left in 2018!!!

Keep playing and be sure to check your emails for that potential Winners Notification.

Winloot is a 100% free and easy to play sweepstakes site. We offer thirty daily drawing giveaways with prizes going up to $10,000 a month for life, sixty-five chances to win $5,000 cash instantly and a guaranteed $250 prize awarded daily. On top of that, you can use your Winloot tokens for entry into a number of bonus giveaways like cash, gift cards, home electronics and more.  Thanks for entering our sweepstakes and good luck!

Winloot Tip: Only 25% of the Winloot Instant Win players use their token to enter Tokens Giveaways. It’s fun to win Instant Win cash, but make sure you use the tokens you earn on the numerous Tokens Giveaways Winloot offers!

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