Winloot Winners

Recent $500 Winners!

Within the past week, we have seen three big time $500 Winners here at Winloot! We would like to congratulate these 3 Winlooters on their big wins, just in time for the 4th of July Holiday!

-Congratulations to Pamela C. of High Point, NC who was the $500 winner of the special bonus contest that was offered on 06/28/17!

-Congratulations to Mindy G. of Glenmoore, PA who won $500 as a Game 24 Winner on 06/26/17! Mindy won this prize by successfully matching all of her numbers with the winning numbers for that game.

-Congratulations to Yuma H. of Los Angeles, CA who won $500 as a Game 2 Winner on 06/24/17! Yuma successfully matched all of her numbers with the winning numbers as well.

This is the first win for all three of these Winloot Winners. Want to be a big time winner and take home $500 as well? Remember to play your Winloot games daily to give yourself the best chance to win. You cannot win if you do not play!

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