Winloot Winners

Huge Token Contest Winner

Recently, the humongous token contest for the $1,000 Cash Token Contest has expired and we would like to take the time to announce and congratulate our big time winner!

Congratulations to Jerry B. of Evansville, IN who won the $1,000 Cash Token Contest on 06/30/17! Jerry has been a member of Winloot for over two years. This is his first win here at Winloot. What a great way to end the month of June! We have given away over $20,000 in winnings this month.

Additionally, we had a big sweeps winner recently. Congratulations to JD H. of Palm Coast, FL who matched all of his numbers with the winning numbers in Game 17 of the Winloot Sweeps Contests. JD has earned $500 for accomplishing this feat.

We want July to be an even bigger month for our Winlooters, so remember to play as many games as you can to give yourself the greatest chance to win. Don’t be discouraged if you have not won yet, as Jerry B. of Evansville, IN has proved that persistence pays off!

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