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Over $1,400 in Prize Giveaways on March 26, 2020!

March 26, 2020, must have been some sort of Cosmic harmonic convergence because the stars seemed to align with an astounding number of winners on! First, we had Brenda C. from Madison, Alabama, hit the $500 Winlootia treasure! Congrats to you, Brenda! We hope you enjoy your big pile of loot and use it or save it for something you love! If that’s not exciting enough, THREE Winloot players hit the winning numbers in Game 2 and each won $100! Big Winloot congrats to our Game 2 winners: Hoang T. in Riverside, California, Michael B. from Russell, Kentucky and Lil L. of Portland Oregon, who all must have collectively mind-melded because they all picked the Game 2 winning numbers correctly on the same day! It’s always nice having a crisp Benjamin to keep on hand for something you may need to buy. Or, you could just go ahead and treat yourself to something special. Either way, enjoy your Game 2 winning loot everyone! Adding to the exciting list of winners is Rosario M. from Bronx, New York, who, we know is a very dedicated Winloot player and no stranger to our winners list! Rosario won the $100 Special Contest cash prize today! Congrats, Rosario! We’re totally stoked and hope you enjoy your loot! Paul B. in Las Vegas, Nevada also hit a $100 instant win, rounding out our total of a whopping FIVE $100 winners all on the same day! Denise V. from Petersburg, Virginia won the $25 Special Contest today, which is a cool prize you could use on Keep in mind, you can collect your winning loot as an Amazon Gift Card if you’d like to go shopping online with it! You can buy tens of thousands of items on Amazon for $25 or less, and in most cases, qualify for free shipping too! Rounding out today’s impressive list of winners is Patricia G. from Somerset, Kentucky, who is our lucky $250 Daily Cash Prize Winner! We also had a bunch $1, $5, and $10 winners, making this an incredible day of over $1,400 in cash prize awards to our lucky members. We’re super excited you all won today and so happy to see your names on Winners Way! Thanks for making our day so fantastic! We appreciate all of you and hope you continue to enjoy your daily games on

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