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Another $500 Winlootia Game Winner – March 25, 2020!

Spring is blooming for our Winloot Winners and we’re so excited to announce another $500 Winlootia Winner this week. Big Winloot congrats to Brenda M. from Madison, Alabama, who hit pay dirt when she clicked on the Winlootia Map and uncovered the $500 treasure of loot on March 25, 2020! Brenda is our second $500 Winlootia Winner in the past two days, and we couldn’t be more excited for our lucky winners! Kathy M. of Nampa, Idaho, also hit the $500 treasure spot on March 23rd. Wow! Even the pirates are dancing around in celebration of two winners finding the $500 treasure loot! Have fun with your loot, Brenda! We hope you use it to buy some things you’ll really enjoy! Whether you choose to spend it or save it, or a little of both, we’re proud to welcome you to the Winloot Winners Way List! Thanks for being a valued member and we hope you continue to enjoy playing our games on every day! One thing is for sure, we love giving away loot! Winloot membership is 100% free to join and play our daily games on Our prizes range from $100 up to the grand prize of $10,000,000! We also offer the grand prize as a $16.5k per month for life payment! The choice is up to the winner. To enter our sweeps, simply choose your set of numbers, or use our Quick Picks. If you match all the numbers in a game, you win that prize. We also offer other chances to win in between our sweeps games, including Winlootia, which, as you can see, pays well for our lucky winners! So, keep playing all of our daily games and don’t forget to check your email! That’s how we notify our lucky winners. Enjoy and we wish you all good luck! 

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