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$500 Winlootia Winner Dawn S. February 15, 2022!

It was one of those magical moments for Dawn S. of Woodbine, New Jersey, when she happened upon the Winlootia map while playing Winloot on February 15, 2022. One click on the map and, presto, she just won $500 instantly! That sure is thrilling to see and even more thrilling to receive all that loot! When you get that check in the mail with your name on it, that’s when you know how very real Winloot is! We’re always happy to see our players win! In fact, Winloot has more than 111,000 Winners to date and that list just keeps growing because not a day goes by without more players winning loot!

Having $500 to spend is any girl’s dream come true! Perhaps you’ll head out to your favorite boutique and start trying on outfits to add some cool pieces to your wardrobe this spring! You may even get your nails done and meet your friends for lunch so you can share your good news! We’re sure they’ll be happy for you and may wonder what Winloot is if they’ve never seen our site. You could show them how much fun it is to play, and they just may want to join in the fun to get their own chances to win some loot! Just be sure to tell them it’s always 100% free to play every day for more than 100 chances to win! All they need is a valid email address they check on a daily basis, since that’s how we keep track of game entries and notify our players when they win. We also run special email only contests on occasion, so that’s something no one wants to miss!

Have fun with your prize money, Dawn, no matter which way you plan to enjoy spending it! We’re so happy to add your name to Winners Way and hope you keep playing for more daily chances to win. We have tens of thousands of players who have won numerous times so there are always more chances you can win again! is the official source to find out who’s winning loot on Our list of winners continues to grow every day, and now exceeds 111,000 to date. We love when our winners get excited about winning loot, and love when they send selfies with their prize-winning check. Real people just like you win every day. We even have quotes with photos and video interviews with winners, so you’ll know for certain how legit Winloot is! You can also find out the most recent winning numbers and check the winners list to see if your name is on it.

Be sure to check your email too. We send prize award messages to our winners at the email address they register with their free membership. If you receive a winning email notification, you can let us know how you want your prize delivered. Winloot offers three payment choices: a direct PayPal payment, an Amazon Gift Card, or a check mailed to your address. Just be sure to keep your contact information up to date. One thing is certain, we want to be able to reach our Winloot winners with the good news!

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