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$500 Winloot Winner Kuniko T. – May 10, 2021!

It certainly is another fantabulous day here at Winloot and for Kuniko T. in Cleveland, Ohio, it just got even better when he opened his email to find a winner notification saying he just won $500 from Winloot on May 10, 2021! Whoa! That’s the best kind of message to get, isn’t it?! Having $500 coming your way by whichever payment method you choose is sure to make for some fun adventures! That’s a lotta loot you can use in so many different ways! Of course, you can spend your prize money any way you’d like to so if you need to pay off some bills, you can strike those right off your list this month! You could also have a good time taking someone special out for a nice meal or even order in from your favorite restaurant and watch a good movie or concert to mark this festive occasion! Looks like you can’t go wrong with Chimi or Cassa Kitchen since they both have 5-star reviews across the board! Those dishes sure look delish, and with all that loot you can order full course meals complete with appetizers, main courses and dessert! With easy options for curbside pickup or delivery, you can relax and enjoy being a lucky winner today and celebrate in style! We sure are very happy for you, Kuniko! We just love giving away money to our players and we’re so delighted to award you $500 and proudly display your name on Winners Way along with more than 97,000 other Winloot winners.  

Our winners list just keeps growing and growing because one thing is certain, if you keep playing Winloot you will maximize your chances to become one of our next lucky winners just like Kuniko! We’d love nothing more than to send you a winner email message letting you know we’re sending you some loot! So, be sure to keep playing every day to claim all of your free chances to win and keep an eye on your inbox. We’d be delighted to send a fantastic Winloot cash prize to you too! 

If you’re not already among our fabulous membership, joining Winloot is super easy and completely 100% free. Simply create your member profile by filling in your email address and basic information. Be sure to use your real email address, and add your postal address if you’d like to be paid by check in the mail. It’s important to note: Winloot only contacts our winners at the email address registered with their free membership account. So, be sure to enter it correctly and keep an eye out for messages from Winloot. You could very well be among our next lucky winners. We’d love nothing more than to notify you of your amazing win and send your prize payment to you via a check in the mail, PayPal payment or Amazon Gift Card, whichever you choose! We’ll also list your name and prize on Winners Way so you can show off to your friends and family that you’ve joined the ranks of thousands of Winloot winners! Good luck and have fun playing Winloot

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