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$250 Daily Winner Spotlight – Melissa I. of Irwin, Pennsylvania

We understand that people who are new to online sweepstakes such as Winloot may be a bit skeptical at first. After all, the chance to win real money by having fun playing free games may seem unreal. That is until they win and find out how real it is! Winloot player Melissa I. from Irwin, Pennsylvania, was one such skeptic until she received a $250 Daily Cash Prize Winner check from Winloot after winning the random daily prize drawing on June 9, 2022. Melissa was kind enough to email a photo to us with a nice note saying: “First, I want to thank you for my check. I have to admit that I was a skeptic about online games and prizes. Imagine my surprise when I actually got a check from you. Thanks again and have a great week!”

What a delightful message for us to receive and we are beyond thrilled to have another happy winner on our list of more than 116,000 winners to date! Thanks for keeping the faith and playing Winloot, Melissa! We know how much fun it is to play and it’s just as joyful for us to notify our winners as it is for them to receive that exciting winner email and prize payment. We hope you fully enjoy your loot and spend it in ways that make you happy! That could mean buying a new dress, getting your hair done and going out to dinner with your significant other! It could also mean going shopping online to buy a new kitchen gadget you’ve always wanted, like a stand mixer, indoor grill or air fryer. If you’re a fan of celebrity cooking shows, sometimes you wish you had one of those handy tools you always see them cook with, or something that would make cooking a lot easier to prepare meals. Or you may just decide to pack the car and head out on a weekend adventure and explore some place you’ve never been before and just take a random road trip to see where it leads. Then you can find a place to stay overnight, check in to leave your suitcase, and head back out to find somewhere special to enjoy a delicious meal.

Winning money on Winloot certainly opens up a whole list of options of what you can do since you can spend that loot any way you’d like to! Whatever that ends up being, we do hope you have fun with it and also hope you continue to play Winloot every day, or as often as possible, since we offer more than 100 fun daily ways you could win again! In fact, Winners Way also has tens of thousands of players who are multi-time winners, and some have won as many as 30 to 40 times! You certainly have many more chances to become a multi-time winner too and we wish you all the best of good luck on achieving that. Plus, we hope you just plain have fun playing Winloot. That’s what it’s all about! is the official source to find out who’s winning loot on Our list of winners continues to grow every day, and now exceeds 116,000 to date. We love when our winners get excited about winning loot, and love when they send selfies with their prize-winning check. Real people just like you win every day. We have many winner photos with messages from happy players, so you can know for certain how legit Winloot is!

You can also find out the most recent winning numbers and check the winners list to see if your name is on it. Be sure to check your email too. We send prize award email messages to our winners at the email address they register with their free membership. If you receive a winning email notification, you can let us know how you want your prize delivered. Winloot offers three payment choices: a direct PayPal payment, an Amazon Gift Card, or a check mailed to your address. Just be sure to keep your contact information up to date. One thing is certain, we want to be able to reach our Winloot winners with the good news!

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