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$250 Daily Winner Spotlight – Josh S. of Frankfort, Kentucky

It’s another fantastic day here at Winloot, especially because we have the honor of congratulating Josh S. of Frankfort, Kentucky on winning the $250 Daily Cash Prize on August 9, 2022! While we do give this cash prize to one player every day, seeing Josh win is extra special because he is so active on our social media pages, continually posting every day that’s he’s played Winloot along with our affiliate sweepstakes sites.

It’s nice to hear from our players who enjoy entering and look forward to playing again the next day, as Josh often posts about. We’re sure he’s excited to receive that prize money. I asked Josh how he feels to be the daily winner. He replied, “I never saw it coming but I love winning from Winloot!” We’re so happy you won today, Josh, and delighted to welcome you to Winners Way again! We know you’ve won a number of times before, but this may be your largest win on Winloot so far!

Josh said he plans to spend the money shopping on Amazon and may buy “some things for his iMac and some books,” saying that he and his iPad, affectionately known as Joyce, will be “at Amazon all night long,” adding, “Gotta love amazon. I don’t have to drive to get there!”

Josh knows if you keep playing there are always more chances available each day to win. That’s what we call a winning attitude, and it’s one we frequently hear from our winners who often say that consistently playing is the best way to become a winner!

We hope it made your day when you read the email saying you’ve won the $250 Daily Cash prize, Josh. Thanks for being a dedicated member of Winloot as well as our sister sites. We appreciate your enthusiasm for entering all of the free sweepstakes we offer and wish you the best of continued success and good luck for winning again!

Winloot Winners is the place to find out who’s been winning on and what exciting prizes they’ve won! Winloot has so many happy winners, some even send us a selfie proudly holding their prize check, or send us kind email messages saying what it means to win! With 100+ chances to win every day, more than 118,000 winners to date, and many thousands of multi-time winners, it certainly is possible to keep winning if you keep playing Winloot!

Winloot is a 100% FREE online Sweepstakes site. Registered members can play lotto style sweepstakes games ranging from $100 to $10,000,000 every day. We also have a daily $250 cash prize giveaway which we award to one lucky entrant who is chosen in a random nightly drawing! Players also earn Winloot Tokens which can be used to enter to win some other really exciting giveaways like cash, gift cards, iPads, and big screen TVs. We give as many chances as possible for our members to enter to win. In fact, Winloot has over 100 ways our players can win every day! We love awarding cash and prizes as our list of happy winners continues to grow every day!

To join our free membership and start playing, simply fill in your main email address. That’s how we contact our winners with important news, exciting prize notifications and, of course, arrange to send their prize payment! Don’t forget to open your email messages from Winloot. We certainly don’t want anyone to miss out on a prize winner message! Have fun and good luck winning some loot!

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