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Winloot Live is Taking it to The Streets AND The Gym!

Yes, you read that right! Winloot Live is taking it to the streets to find people to give money to! If you’re in the Los Angeles area, you may be lucky enough to run into the one and only Stephen Kramer Glickman accompanied by fellow comedian Aiden Wall. In the latest installment Stephen and Aiden head to a local gas station to find someone they can help to win gas money! They meet up with a woman named Milena and offer her the chance to play Trivia or Dare. Courageous Milena decides to play both and answers questions and takes on dares to win $10 for each correct answer or properly executed dare. If you’d like to know what she was asked, head to Winloot Sweepstakes YouTube channel to view the episode and find out how much she won. We’re sure you’ll have a great time seeing how Milena is such a good sport and how much fun she had playing Winloot Live at the gas station! Be on the lookout for our dynamic duo if you’re in the L.A. area and be sure to tune in on Winloot Sweepstakes YouTube channel for more fun and funny episodes coming up!

To add to the Winloot Live excitement, host Carolyn Martin also has a new show coming up with in-person trivia and physical challenges which will earn contestants spins on the prize wheel to win cash. Many of our viewers know Carolyn as the weekend edition host of Winloot Live. What you may not know is Carolyn is also an expert in fitness and works as a personal trainer at the gym she owns with her husband. Contestants will be able to spin the prize wheel themselves after they earn their spins which can be from answering trivia questions correctly, or completing physical challenges, which could be anything from eating a cookie without using their hands to shooting a basketball. In fact, Carolyn’s expertise as a physical fitness trainer gives her the unique ability to design a final test for contestants to have the chance to double their money and win as much as $1,200!

If you live in the Los Angeles area and would like to be a contestant on the new edition of show, send an email to and tell us why you would be the right fit to take on Carolyn’s challenges. It’s not only exciting to have the chance to play in-person, meeting Carolyn is an added bonus!

Don’t forget to visit for the chance to win some fantastic giveaways and also enter for the chance to win a spot as a contestant on the show. This is another opportunity to become a famous face on our YouTube channel where all episodes are posted for on demand viewing after the initial premiere. If you’re someone who loves the spotlight and you’re not camera shy, give it a try by entering at and you could be on a future episode and win some loot too!

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