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$1,000 Visa Gift Card Winner Annie F. ~ April 15, 2022!

Annie F. of Greenwood, Mississippi, got some exciting news after she was chosen to win the most recent $1,000 Visa Gift Card giveaway on April 15, 2022! This is the reason we always encourage our players to use their tokens to enter for our added giveaways! You just never know when that random drawing will choose yours and you’ll get that exciting email message like Annie just did! That’s a cool grand to spend on whatever makes you happy!

Visa is so widely accepted; the list of possibilities is endless! You could use it to pay off some bills, do some shopping online, book a flight to take a nice vacation or even pack up the car and drive south to the Gulf to spend some time along the seashore relaxing in the sun without a care in the world! You could also head down to New Orleans to enjoy the rich culture and vibrant nightlife filled with music, food and party atmosphere! Or you could just hop a flight to the Florida Keys or your favorite Caribbean island to enjoy some laid back time in the tropics and soak up the sun while you lounge around and unwind.

Having a thousand dollars at your disposal is certainly thrilling, no matter what you want to use it for. You could also put a down payment on a new car and get new license plates that read “Winner,” so everyone knows you truly are a Winloot winner! You might even decide to do some online shopping at Overstock or Wayfair to spruce up your home décor. Or, perhaps you’ve been wanting a new kitchen appliance to make cooking more enjoyable and with a cool grand to spend you certainly could afford to get that Kitchen Aid mixer you’ve always admired, plus maybe a new set of cookware and new cooking utensils!

A thousand dollars can cover a lot and we hope you fully enjoy deciding what to spend it on, Annie! Thanks for entering your Winloot Tokens! It sure did pay off big time! Winloot offers the $1,000 Visa Gift Card and other great token prize giveaways so be sure to enter to win them all! To earn tokens, all you have to do is have fun playing Winloot! Then head to the Token Prize page to enter them! Watch for the drawing dates and keep an eye on your email. If you’re selected in any of the random drawings Winloot will send you a winner email at the email address you have registered in your free membership account. So, be sure to keep your contact info up to date! is the official source to find out who’s winning loot on Our list of winners continues to grow every day, and now exceeds 113,000 to date. You can also find out the most recent winning numbers and check the winners list to see if your name is on it. Be sure to check your email too. We send prize award messages to our winners at the email address they register with their free membership. If you receive a winning email notification, you can let us know how you want your prize delivered. Winloot offers three payment choices: a direct PayPal payment, an Amazon Gift Card, or a check mailed to your address. Just be sure to keep your contact information up to date. One thing is certain, we want to be able to reach our winners with the good news and send their prize payment!

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