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Winloot Live on TikTok

We’re excited to announce, our ever popular trivia game show, Winloot Live is now on TikTok! Follow us at to see highlights of the latest episodes live on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. You’ll certainly want to play along with the new TRIVIA or DARE format to see which the contestants choose to take on, how they answer and, of course, how much loot they win for each correct response!

We’re sure you’ll be completely enthralled by the man on the street approach to this new format where real people are randomly selected to be an on the spot contestant. You’ll laugh, or cry, at the trivia answers they give or dare’s they’re asked to complete, and probably cheer them on for being good sports too! And, of course, it’s stars everyone’s favorite host, the super talented Stephen Kramer Glickman, accompanied by Aiden Wall, who you may recognize from his production of the 1 Minute Talk Show.  

You will be quite surprised and entertained by our contestants answers and responses to the dares they are asked to take, like on the spot celebrity impersonations, debating with a door, or naming something that rhymes with something else in 10 seconds or less. You’ll meet the colorful characters our dynamic duo has encountered on so far, and see what they have in store for new contestants live on location from wherever they end up next!

Follow us on TikTok and YouTube, so you don’t miss one single minute of the fun, the dares, the laughter, the questions, the cheers, and, of course, the cash prizes our contestants win on Winloot Live Trivia or Dare!

Full episodes of Winloot Live can be viewed on our YouTube channel and on where you can also enter very cool sweepstakes contests absolutely free for the chance to win awesome giveaways, including the chance to be a contestant on the show!

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