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How well do you know your significant other? How well do they know you? If you’re in the Los Angeles area you may be surprised by an impromptu therapy session with our very own Stephen Kramer Glickman and his trusty companion, Aiden Wall, who are on the streets, at the local gas station, and who knows where else they may show up next, giving free therapy and loot to unsuspecting couples!

Watch our very first episode of this new and very fun format, where our dynamic duo lands at the AutoBahn Gas Station in Studio City, California, as a local couple, Weston & Sam, test their four month relationship and how well they’ve gotten to know each other!

The couple faces 6 questions and for every correct answer they win $10. That’s a good chunk of gas money! Does Wes know Sam’s favorite TV show? Does Sam know Wes’s favorite celebrity crush? How about Sam’s favorite alcoholic beverage? What’s their biggest fear? Do they believe in Aliens? (and can we talk about that?!)

Tune in on Winloot Sweepstakes YouTube Channel to find out how many they answered correctly and how much cash they walked away with! We know one thing for sure, that gas money came in handy for a trip to Long Beach, and who knows where else their adventures will lead them with all that free gas in their tank – which we suspect was pumped by none other than Aiden Wall himself!

Stay tuned for more new and exciting episodes of Winloot Live Couples Therapy with Stephen Kramer Glickman and Aiden Wall. You certainly won’t want to miss a moment of the surprise encounters with other unsuspecting couples to see how well they can answer questions about each other to win loot!

We also have some new surprises coming up, so be sure to stay tuned to find out what other escapades our dynamic duo is up to and who they may surprise next!

Be sure to visit to view more episodes of the show and enter to win some amazing giveaways, including $88,888, our daily cash giveaway, the chance to be a contestant on an upcoming special edition of the show and more!  

You can also preview upcoming and past shows on our new TikTok channel, so please do follow us there too so you don’t miss a moment of the fun, the excitement, the laughter, the entertainment, the very funny and talented hosts, the amazing contestants, and, of course, the loot!

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