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Winloot Live $777 Cash Winner – October 13, 2022

It turned out to be a lucky 7 day on a lucky 13 day for Benny R. of Mount Pleasant, Texas, when he won the $777 Winloot Live Cash Sweepstakes on October 13, 2022! There’s no better news you can get in your email than you’ve won some free loot! The great part about it is that it’s so easy to enter and completely free to collect your prize money too! So, just by visiting and entering your email address in our free sweepstakes contests, you could become a winner just like Benny! On top of that, you can watch videos of our oh so incredibly entertaining Winloot Live game show, hosted by Stephen Kramer Glickman and his trusty companion, Aiden Wall, as well as bonus episodes of the show hosted by Carolyn Martin!

Congrats on your win, Benny! We hope it made your day to see that lucky winner email show up in your inbox! Now with all that extra loot you have so many options since you can spend it on whatever you decide! That could be an awesome trip to Walmart to buy things you’ve always wanted to get but didn’t have the extra cash to spend, and now you do! Or you might head over to Lowes Home Improvement to pick up what you need for that project you’ve been meaning to get to and now, with your prize money, you can finally realize your vision! You might even use some of it to take your better half out for a really nice celebratory meal at one of the fabulous restaurants in town. There’s nothing like ordering anything you want from soup to nuts and not worrying about how much the check will be! Enjoy it, Benny, and thanks for entering Winloot Live! We hope you have a great time and continue to enter our free sweepstakes which are open 24/7 and free to enter every day.

Winloot Live offers an array of free giveaways ranging from a $50 Daily Cash prize to a whopping $888,888 Cash Sweepstakes. We also offer entries for the chance to be a contestant on a special edition of Winloot Live, the game show, hosted by some of LA’s finest and funniest talent. Stephen Kramer Glickman and Aiden Wall are currently out and about in the Los Angeles area recruiting unsuspecting contestants for a variety of fun ways to win cash on the spot including trivia, dares, couples therapy and more. So, be on the lookout for our dynamic duo if you happen to be in the area because you never know when they may walk up to you ask you if you want to free chances to play Winloot Live to win loot!

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