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Winloot in Conversation with $1,000 Winner Albert H. in Florida!

On May 12, 2020, our Prize Award Correspondent, Matt, interviewed winner Albert H., from Florida, in conversation by remote video chat to get his reaction on being a lucky $1,000 Winloot Token Prize Winner! In a very heartwarming exchange, this kind and appreciative Winloot player reveals his joy in being a $1,000 winner and what he likes about Winloot’s daily sweepstakes games.

During the conversation, Albert stated, “I was kind of shocked…Wow, I really did win!” I play other games I don’t win.” Winloot games are the first he’s been winning. “So it’s a pleasure to play.” Our correspondent Matt asked Albert what he did with his winning loot. Albert chuckled happily and stated he “paid some bills.” Albert also showed Matt a recent check he received for winning $10 that he hasn’t cashed yet. “I’m just playing because I like the game. That’s all. After joining it [Winloot], I liked it and kept playing it because I said, Wow, that’s a nice game!”

When asked by our correspondent, Matt, what players should do if they haven’t won yet, Albert replied “Just keep playing and they’ll win. That’s all they’ve got to do is just keep playing and it will come around… just keep playing. Don’t give up!” There’s some great advice because players who win are those who are consistent in playing all of Winloot’s free sweepstakes games every day. Albert won the $1,000 prize by entering the tokens he earned while playing through the daily Winloot games.

When Matt asked Albert “What’s your favorite part about playing Winloot, Albert said, “Well, all of it really, because you’ve got a challenge on different games.” Albert spoke about the $5,000 Instant Win Sweeps and said “one day you might get 6 or you might get 5, or 2 or 3 [numbers]…but one day you’ll get all [ten] of them. It’s a challenge.”

It’s gives everyone at Winloot great joy to meet one of our happy winners and see how much he loves winning and being part of our Winloot family of daily sweepstakes players. Thank you, Albert, for taking the time to speak with our Prize Award Correspondent, Matt. Everyone at Winloot is so happy to see your smiling face and glad you love playing all of the daily Winloot games. Congratulations on your $1,000 win and we hope to see your name on Winners Way again!

To view the full interview with Albert by Winloot’s Prize Award Correspondent, Matt, visit Winloot’s YouTube page.

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