Winloot Winners

Winloot $5,000 Instant Win Sweepstakes Winners

Imagine winning $5,000 instantly on Winloot! Well, it has happened to quite a number of players in our super exciting $5,000 Instant Win Sweepstakes game, who are now among our many thousands of winners which we proudly display on Winners Way!

When we interview a Winloot Winner and ask them what their favorite things are about playing Winloot, they often say they one of the things they absolutely love is the chance to win $5,000 instantly! Many have come close to winning the top $5,000 prize and many others have actually won it!

Winloot gives our players up to a whopping 65 chances every single day to choose the correct numbers for the jackpot prize of $5,000 instantly! It’s pretty exciting to see the numbers revealed on your screen and even more exhilarating when you get all 10 numbers correct to hit that big $5,000 cash prize win! Winloot has many lucky winners who have consistently entered this exciting game and hit the $100 prize with 9 correct numbers; “coming close” as one player said. But many others have hit the exciting jackpot win and happily collected their $5,000 prize money from Winloot!

Robert C. from Warren, Pennsylvania, chose all of the correct numbers and hit that awesome $5,000 instant win cash prize on February 5, 2020! We’re pretty sure Robert jumped for joy when he saw that screen light up right before his eyes with the whopping $5,000 prize lit up like Times Square in New York on New Year’s Eve! Watching the board ringing in those winning numbers is certainly super exciting and we’re sure Robert enjoyed an amazing winner celebration with all that loot!

Lupe G. in Snyder, Texas, also hit the $5,000 instant win jackpot on November 4, 2020, with all 10 correct winning numbers! Winning cash on Winloot is no doubt always totally exhilarating, but when you see that board light up and match your numbers to the winning numbers, it’s definitely a special experience that delights our players instantly! We know for sure Lupe will never forget that moment of pure joy in seeing that big win right before her very eyes on a lucky Winloot day she’ll never forget!

How do you win on Winloot, you may ask? One thing all of our winners have in common is consistency. Every player we interview always advises never giving up! As the saying goes, a winner never quits and a quitter never wins! So, keep playing Winloot every day. We offer an amazing array of fun games which are completely free to enter each and every day. We’d love to see your name added to our long and growing list of over 92,000 winners and perhaps add your photo and interview to our collection of happy Winloot winners who have met our very own Matty Prizes on video chat or sent in a selfie holding their prized possession: a big fat check from Winloot!

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