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Winloot $2,500 Game 11 Winner Michael C. – September 17, 2021

It’s always a fabulous day here and Winloot but it’s even better when we have a player win big loot! Congratulations to Michael C. from Garfield, New Jersey, for choosing all the numbers correctly in Game 11 and winning a whopping $2,500 cash on September 17, 2021! Pause for the happy dance! That’s a fantastic win and we’re super stoked to send you that big fat check for $2,500 with your name on it!

With that amount of cash on hand you can have so many choices of ways to enjoy it. Of course, you can do whatever you’d like with it like pay off some bills and buy household supplies like home essentials and groceries. We do hope; however, you also plan to have fun with some of it. After all, winning that amount of money is certainly cause for celebration! Perhaps you’ll head to the grocery store and stock up on some favorite foods to invite your friends for a winner celebration barbecue in your back yard while the weather is still warm enough to enjoy the outdoors! You could even update your barbecue or buy some new patio furniture to elevate your outdoor entertaining space.

Or you might just want to get away from it all for a while and take a relaxing trip to your favorite vacation destination or book a trip to somewhere new. You definitely have lots of choices of where to go with all that loot in your bank account. You might head down to Jamaica and relax on the white sand beaches with your someone special to enjoy some quality time together. There are so many wonderful places you could go, we hope if that’s what you plan, you make it the trip of a lifetime and always look back on the day you made it happen with all the loot you won!

Winloot Winners is the place to find out who’s been winning on and what exciting prizes they’ve won! Winloot has so many happy winners, some even send us a selfie proudly holding their prize check! Winloot is a 100% FREE online Sweepstakes site. Membership is always completely free and as simple as filling in your email address. Registered members can play lotto style sweepstakes games ranging from $100 to $10,000,000 every day. We also have a daily $250 cash prize giveaway every single day which we award to one lucky entrant! Players also earn tokens which can be used to enter to win some other really exciting prizes like cash, gift cards, iPads, and big screen TVs. We give as many chances as possible for our members to enter to win. In fact, Winloot has over 100 ways our players can win! We love awarding cash and prizes as our list of happy winners continues to grow every day and now exceeds 103,000 to date!

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