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Two New May, 2018 Winlootia $500 Cash Treasure Hunter Winners!!!

Two New May, 2018 Winlootia $500 Cash Treasure Hunter Winners!!!

Have you seen ‘s cool new games? That’s right, has added games like The Wheel of Tokens, The Scratch-Off Game, and the mysterious Island of Winlootia; Treasure Hunter Game

Congratulations to our latest treasure hunters who found the $500 Buried Treasure of the mysterious Island of Winlootia like —

Kenneth S. of Milton, FL who won on May, 3rd, 2018!!!


Melissa B. of Holden, MO who won on May 17th, 2018!!!!

Entering could not be easier. Simply select a spot on the map to see if you are a $500 cash prize winner. Get tokens for entering this giveaway as well. Like all Winloot sweepstakes, this new instant win game is 100% free!

Even if you don’t win cash, you’ll get tokens which can be used to enter our special bonus giveaways. And what can you do with tokens?

Winloot Tokens can be used for even more sweepstakes entries for each giveaway you complete.

You can use your tokens at any time. Tokens are very easy to use for sweepstakes entries on Winloot. Simply pick the prize or prizes you are most interested in and select the drop down for the number of entries you’d like. As long as you have tokens in your account you can keep on entering.

We have given away tons of great prizes like cash, gift cards, iPads, TVs, computers, bikes and much more. Check out the tokens page right now and see what is available. There is something for everyone!

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