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Surprise Winner Reveal Call Stuns Dedicated Winloot Member!

It was one of those unknown phone calls that we’re certain he’s glad he didn’t miss! When Matty Prizes, Winloot’s Prize Correspondent and host of Winloot Live, called Norman S. in Pensacola, Florida, Norman was visibly nervous with anticipation. What was Matty about to reveal? Norman has been a long-time dedicated Winloot member. He’s been playing for years. Matty arranged a video call for a surprise reveal of his big win on Winloot! We know Norman doesn’t forget to enter his free Winloot Tokens for chances to win our Token Prize Giveaways. Well, it just paid off big time. When Matty told Norman he’s just won our top Token Prize of $1,000 it brought him to tears! Being an admittedly big guy who never cries, Norman was overwhelmed by the happy news and couldn’t stop those joyous tears from rolling down his cheeks! It was quite a moment for both Matty and Norman, and one we just adore! When our players win cash or a cool prize on Winloot, we love to join in their celebration and do the happy dance with them! It was quite an inspiring heartfelt moment for us to see one of our dedicated Winloot players find out they just won a cool grand!

Norman said it came at a great time and he’s going to use the money to pay down some of his utility bills and probably buy something special too! After all, what’s the fun of winning if you can’t buy something cool to mark the awesome occasion?! Big congrats to you, Norman! We are so proud and honored to add your fine name to our very long list of happy winners on Winners Way and showcase your amazing win on our Token Prize winners’ list! Enjoy your loot and thanks for being such an incredibly dedicated player who is admittedly addicted to Winloot. That’s certainly one safe addiction to have since playing Winloot is completely free, totally fun and you’ll never lose money, wake up with a hangover, or gain a pound in the process! You might actually gain some cash or a very cool prize though, and it could be a huge pile of loot just like Norman won! So, keep entering Winloot every day and don’t ever give up. Your big win could be our next phone call or email message!  

Check out Matty’s surprise reveal video call to Norman on Winloot’s Twitter page. While you’re there don’t forget to follow Winloot and Matty Prizes to stay up on the latest excitement which includes chances to win cash instantly on Winloot Live! You can also check out other surprise winner reveals and episodes of Winloot Live on YouTube.

Tune in to Winloot Live on Instagram on Tuesdays at 6:00 pm eastern time for your chances to win loot instantly with Matty. It’s really fun, surprisingly fast and completely free to participate. On Winloot Live everyone is a winner! 

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