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Steven S. $222 Special Contest Winner February 13, 2020

Steven S. of Deerfield Beach, Florida, just might be taking a beach day since he won our Special Contest to the tune of $222 on February 13, 2020. That could also make for a really sweet Valentine’s dinner with a decedent dessert. Or, why not combine the two? Oceans 24 looks like a great place for a fine dining experience with beach views and a romantic stroll along the shore afterwards. Top it off with an award-winning wine from their great selection, and you’ve got a really memorable night out! Enjoy your winning loot, Steven, whatever you choose to spend it on. We’re so happy to add you to our winners list and hope you keep playing Winloot every day! is the source for winner information. We even have selfies of many happy winners holding their prize check! Becoming a member of Winloot is as easy as entering your email address. We give our players 30 entries in our sweepstakes games absolutely free every single day! Prizes range from $100 all the way to $16,500 a month for life with the option to collect the grand prize in a lump sum payment of $4.2 million! Other top prizes include $1 million and $100,000. Players have the choice of selecting their own numbers or using Quick Picks. Either way, you can save your numbers and “Use Faves” the next time you play if you want to enter with the same set of numbers. If you match the winning numbers, you win that prize! Prizes under $2,500 can be paid out to a PayPal account, a check in the mail or an Amazon Gift Card. Prizes over $2,500 are sent via a check in the mail. Be sure to use a current email address when playing Winloot. We certainly wouldn’t want you to miss out on an important message from us – like a prize win! 

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