Winloot Winners

Matching Number Winners

The past few weeks have seem some big matching number winners on Winloot, including $5,000 and $2,500 winners.

Congratulations to Michael K. of Harwood Heights, Illinois who won $5,000 by matching all of his numbers during Game 27 of our daily drawing sweepstakes.  Michael was rewarded by entering our “Winloot Extra” sweepstakes by hitting all of the $5,000 numbers. Here is what Michael had to say:

“I started playing Winloot when the site first started and I play every day. When I matched all the numbers, at first I thought there is a mistake because that’s a lot of cash. The check was mailed just a week later and it is no mistake, at Winloot you really do win and the check comes quick. Thanks Winloot!”

Congratulations also to James C. of Garner, North Carolina who won $2,500 by matching all of his numbers during Game 4 of the daily drawing sweepstakes. This is the first time James has won on Winloot.

We recently blew past 13,000 Winloot winners and we are looking forward to surpassing 14,000 and beyond.  Remember to play your games every day and you could be like Michael K. and James C.!

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