Winloot Winners

Another Game 24 $500 Sweeps Winner At Winloot!!! has had quite a few Sweeps Winners as of late.

We’re proud to announce our latest–

Game 24 $500 Winner on July 12th, 2018– Lupe A. of Snyder, Texas!!!

Let’s not forget

Game 8 $100 Cash Winner on July 9th, 2018– Donna X. of Sioux Falls, South Dakota!!!!


Game 23 Winner of $100 on July 7th, 2018– Larry R. of Chicago, Illinois


ANOTHER Game 23 Winner of $100 on July 8th, 2018– James E. of Harlowton, Montana


Game 8 Winner of $100 on July 8th, 2018– Tracy L. of Johnston City, Illinois

Now get 65 chances to win $5,000 instantly each day. You’ll get 40 chances to win after completing ten daily drawing sweepstakes and then another 25 after completing the remaining daily draw games. With more chances to win, we expect to see a lot more winners. Pick your numbers and get those entries in. You may be our next $5,000 instant winner!

Winloot is a 100% free and easy to play sweepstakes site. We offer thirty daily drawing giveaways with prizes going up to $10,000 a month for life, sixty-five chances to win $5,000 cash instantly and a guaranteed $250 prize awarded daily. On top of that, you can use your Winloot tokens for entry into a number of bonus giveaways like cash, gift cards, home electronics and more.

Winloot Tip: The numbers are in and the best way to use your Winloot Tokens is to enter all of them in a single sweepstakes rather than enter a few in each of the Tokens Giveaways.  Find the Token Giveaway that you most want to win and concentrate your tokens on that sweepstakes!

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