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$500 Winlootia Winner – Jamie M. – March 26, 2021!

It was another successful treasure hunt when Jamie M. from Waukesha, Wisconsin, came upon the island of Winlootia during the course of playing Winloot and uncovered the hidden jackpot of loot to the tune of $500! Now, that’s certainly the tune any Winlooter would truly want to play, that’s for sure! It’s so exciting winning instantly and seeing that $500 cash prize right on your screen! Having $500 appear right before your eyes and realizing you just won is so exciting! There are so many ways you can enjoy all that loot! You could easily take a nice relaxing lakeside weekend getaway to unwind with a beautiful water view. That’s always a refreshing way to recharge your battery! With that much loot you could also do some shopping at Harvest Home and pick out some fun things for your home and garden. After all, you are a winner so why not treat yourself to something special to mark the occasion?! It’s always great having choices and, as a Winloot winner, you certainly can choose whatever you’d like to use all that loot for! Even if you decide to pay bills, that’s okay too! Many of our winners have told us they use their prize money to pay off bills, and that in itself is a prize since you don’t have to worry anymore once you’ve paid them! Congrats, Jamie! No matter what plans you have for all that loot, we’re so excited to add your name to our very long list of Winloot Winners, which continues to grow every day.  

One thing is certain, we have plenty more loot to give away, so keep playing Winloot every day for your exciting free chances to win! Winloot has over 96,000 winners to date and our list keeps growing every single day! Don’t forget to keep an eye on your email messages. That’s how we’ll notify you and arrange to send your prize payment if you become one of our lucky winners too! We’d love nothing more than to add your name to Winners Way and send you a payment or really cool prize like so many of our players have won! 

If you’re not already among our fabulous membership, joining Winloot is super easy and completely 100% free. Simply create your member profile by filling in your email address and basic information. Be sure to use your real email address, and add your postal address if you’d like to be paid by check in the mail. It’s important to note: Winloot only contacts our winners at the email address registered with their free membership account. So, be sure to enter it correctly and keep an eye out for messages from Winloot. You could very well be among our next lucky winners. We’d love nothing more than to notify you of your amazing win and send your prize payment to you! We’ll also list your name and prize on Winners Way so you can show off to your friends and family that you’ve joined the ranks of thousands of Winloot winners! Good luck and have fun playing Winloot

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