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$1,000 Winloot Token Prize Winner – Lacy Z. of Aurora, Oregon – May 22, 2020!

Lacy C. from Aurora, Oregon, is certainly one lucky lady since she hit the amazing $1,000 Token Prize win on May 22, 2020! We know Lacy is super excited and grateful for winning. She reached out to Winloot on Twitter to further express her appreciation: “Thanks Winloot staff for amazing opportunities. It’s more than a blessing especially during these times…” It’s our pleasure, Lacy! It’s members like you who make our work so rewarding. It brings us great joy to send prize money to our winners, especially when it’s in a time of need! We couldn’t be more pleased for you and sincerely hope winning $1,000 makes things a little easier during these trying times. It’s always reassuring having some extra money on hand, whether you use it to pay off some bills, buy some groceries and necessities, or just tuck it away, knowing you have extra money saved if you need it unexpectedly. We hope you spend it on or save it for whatever brings you the most joy. Welcome to Winners Way, Lacy! Thanks for being a valued member of Winloot, and using your tokens to win that amazing $1,000 prize! It really does go to show, entering for the token prizes pays off. It did for Lacy and many other Winloot players too. Take a look at the Winners List on the Tokens page and you’ll see who’s been winning these prizes.

Winloot awards tokens to our members just for playing our daily games. Players can use these tokens to enter for other great prizes, such as the $1,000 Visa Card Lacy won. Keep in mind, our winners are always offered the choice of how they would like their prize money. You can let us know when you reply to your winner email message if you want a check in the mail, a PayPal payment or an Amazon Gift Card. When you visit Winloot’s Token page, you can enter for any or all of the prizes you’d like to win. We currently offer the $1,000 Visa Card, a 50” TV, an iPad Mini and cash prizes of $100, $77 and $50. Tokens add up rather quickly throughout the Winloot daily sweepstakes games. Take a look at the top of your screen on Winloot and you’ll see how may tokens you’ve earned. Click on “Use Tokens” and enter them for any or all of the prizes you’d like entries to win. We hope to add your name to our long list of happy winners really soon! Winoot has had over 80,000 winners to date. Our list continues growing every day, thanks to our dedicated sweepers just like you! Keep in mind, Winloot is always 100% free to join and play every day. So, don’t forget to tell all of your friends and invite them to join in on the fun! We’d love nothing more than to have new members join our site and offer them chances to win our daily games too! Have fun and best of luck to all of you!

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