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$100 Winner From Altoona, Pennsylvania!

Congratulations to Connie S. from Altoona, PA for being a $100 instant winner on January 12th, 2016. We reached out to Connie to find out more information and to get a sense into what it is like to win.

  • What did you think when you realized you were really a winner?

I was very surprised to find out I won. I have never won that much money at one time.

  • What would you do if you won $1,000,000 from Winloot?

If I won the $1,000,000 from Winloot, I would buy another house, pay off debt, and give some to the ASPCA. I am an animal lover and would love to be able to give them something.

  • What do you like best about Winloot?

What I like best about Winloot is they are an honest site who actually pays and does so very quickly and it’s fun to play!

  • What would you say to people who don’t believe they can win?

I would tell people just play every day, take a chance you never know, you could win, I did!

We at Winloot want to wish the best of luck to Connie S. on winning. Keep playing here at Winloot and you too could be the big winner!


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