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$10 Winner From Westfield, WI!

Congratulations to Christine G. of Westfield, WI for being an instant $10 winner on February 26th, 2017. We reached out to Christine to find out more information and to get a sense into what it is like to win.

+What did you think when you realized you were really a winner?

– When I realized I’d won, I thought, “Hmmm…darned if it isn’t real.” I still had reservations, but confirmation and the Amazon gift card came so fast I was wondering over.

+What would you do if you won $1,000,000 from Winloot?

– I’m retired military. If I were to win $1,000,000 from Winloot, I would finally be able to stop working and retire to a little place on the shores of Lake Superior with a garden and some chickens, and time to pursue my painting. It would also give me peace of mind knowing I can help my two girls…more than I’ve been able to.

+What do you like best about Winloot?

– Winloot is so easy. I spend a few minutes on the “dailies,” then watch the instant wins with the anticipation of a schoolgirl, especially now that I’ve actually won once

+What would you say to people who don’t believe they can win?

– You don’t believe you can win? That’s crazy talk lol. If I can win…anyone can

We at Winloot want to wish the best of luck to Christine G. on winning. Keep playing here at Winloot and you too could be the big winner!









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