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$10 Winner From Grandville, MI!

Congratulations to Margaret Z. of Grandville, MI for being an instant $10 winner on April 11th, 2016. We reached out to Margaret to find out more information and to get a sense into what it is like to win.


+What did you think when you realized you were really a winner?

– When I received the email notice I thought YEA!


+What would you do if you won $1,000,000 from Winloot?

– If I won a million dollars, I would first pay the taxes and put half of the remainder into investments.  Then I would pay off outstanding bills, contribute to paying off my youngster’s college loans, hire a house cleaner and go back to being retired.


+What do you like best about Winloot?

– I enjoy having Winloot as part of my retirement day planner.  Using the internet and following a consistent program of activity is a good way to keep time filled and your mind active. Add to that the fact that you could win a few bucks is very positive.  Whether you win or just play for entertainment and win by surprise a win is a win and a plus any day.


We at Winloot want to wish the best of luck to Margaret Z. on winning. Keep playing here at Winloot and you too could be the big winner!

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