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$10 Winner From CA!

Congratulations to Susan M. of Gardena, CA for being an instant $10 winner on August 7th, 2016. We reached out to Susan to find out more information and to get a sense into what it is like to win.


+What did you think when you realized you were really a winner?

– I was surprised when I heard all the dinging of the right numbers and then realized I just won money. It was also just an auto pick too.


+What would you do if you won $1,000,000 from Winloot?

– Donate larger amounts of money to charities, take cruises, and purchase a custom Corvette that was painted pink. A pink Corvette would drive everyone nuts!



+What do you like best about Winloot?

– The $5000 Instant Win games. It’s exciting when you click the Go button. You just never know. You just might be another winner!  The random selection is also 18 numbers which almost doubles your chances of winning.



+What would you say to people who don’t believe they can win?

– I tell them, “You have zero chances of ever winning if you don’t play and people really do win!”  The copy of my check from Winloot proves it.


-I live in southern California, Los Angeles County. Born here, love to go to the beach and swim in the ocean. I’m 65 years old and started riding motorcycles at the age of 57.


We at Winloot want to wish the best of luck to Susan M. on winning. Keep playing here at Winloot and you too could be the big winner!

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