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Winloot Live 2.0 – We’re Back!!!

Winloot Live is back and better than ever with our new and exciting host, the multi-talented, super funny and awesomely fabulous, Stephen Kramer Glickman! We also have a weekend bonus edition with the ever so lovely Carolyn Martin hosting. If you haven’t seen Winloot Live 2.0 yet, be sure to head to Winloot’s YouTube Channel and check it out!

In this latest edition of Winloot Live 2.0, contestants are asked a series of trivia questions and, for every correct answer, they get a spin on the infamous prize wheel. That’s right, the prize wheel is also back and better than ever! You’ll see some new faces and some familiar ones too as we bring on contestants to test their trivia knowledge and spin the wheel to win loot!

Add to that, we’ve got some really special shows in the lineup including Squid Games! Be prepared to be scared and laugh at the same time. You won’t believe your eyes when you see how contestants are eliminated until it comes down to the final one who emerges victorious!

Coming up, we’ve got something really BIG! Our Halloween episode is spooktacularly ginormously BIG!!! We can’t say what or who it is, you’ll have to tune in to find out! The truth is out there! It’s very, very BIG. Be prepared!

In case you missed it, we had an absolutely out of this world guest contestant, Chris from San Luis Obispo, California, on a recent episode. Chris played the voice of C-3PO on Star Wars and is a Mandalorian actor. All we can say is, far out!!! Add to that talent, he’s quite a trivia wiz. Brilliant, in fact! Follow along to see if you can get as many correct answers as Chris did! We know Stephen Kramer Glickman was quite impressed!

We’ve also got a Winloot rock star in our lineup of Winloot Live 2.0 shows. Travis J. from West Virginia has won Winloot over 30 times! Let that sink in! He’s what we call a legendary Winlooter and was a guest contestant spinning with Carolyn Martin to test his trivia prowess. Tune in to see how many he got right!

Be sure to watch Winloot Live 2.0 every week! Set a reminder so you don’t miss the excitement, the trivia, the prize wheel spins by savvy contestants, and, of course, the most fun, fabulous and entertaining hosts on streaming television, Stephen Kramer Glickman and Carolyn Martin! Winloot Live 2.0 has it all!

We’re gearing up for many more exciting episodes and hope you stay tuned, so you don’t miss the thrilling excitement and find out just how much the prize wheel loves our lucky players!

Do you have what it takes to answer some pretty tricky trivia and spin the wheel to win loot?! If you’d like the chance to become a contestant, email and include your name, age, city and state and tell us why YOU would be an awesome guest on Winloot Live 2.0! Include a video if you’d really like to dazzle us with your magical charms! We look forward to hearing from you and hope you enjoy Winloot Live 2.0! See you online!

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