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Check Out Winloot Live 2.0 the Game Show and New Site!

You may be familiar with the latest iteration of Winloot Live 2.0 which is our weekly game show where players answer trivia questions and, for each correct answer, they get a spin on the prize wheel to win loot! If you’ve been tuning in, you’re no doubt having a great time playing along with our contestants as hosts Stephen Kramer Glickman and Carolyn Martin challenge players with trivia questions for chances to spin the infamous prize wheel to win cash.

What you may not know is we’ve launched a new Winloot Live site with even more giveaways! So be sure to visit and enter to win cash prizes of $88,888, $777 and $100. Winloot Live also offers the chance to win a $50 daily cash giveaway, a $150 Visa Gift Card, a $75 Amazon Gift Card, an amazing 14” Samsung Galaxy Chromebook, an iPad Mini, and a Sony Handy Cam. Pretty great prizes on top of all the free ways you can play and enter Winloot for the chance to win cash and prizes!

It’s free and simple to enter for the chance to win any of these great sweepstake’s giveaways. Click on the enter button and submit your email address. That’s all it takes to claim your free chances to win one of the random prize drawings. You don’t have to be a contestant to enter for the chance to win the prize giveaways on Winloot Live. However, if you’d like the chance to be on the show you can enter to win a spot as a contestant as well! Just fill in your email address and keep an eye on your inbox. It’s important to use an email account you check frequently since that’s the only way winners are notified. If you’re chosen as the winner, you’ll receive a winner email at the address you submitted with the winning entry.

You can also view featured episodes of Winloot Live 2.0 and see the interesting contestants who come from all walks of life. Actors, Super Sweepers, Sports Figures, Podcasters, Comedians, Models, and even Big Foot himself, have graced the screen on Winloot Live 2.0 and spun that prize wheel to win that sweet, sweet cash!

Winloot Live currently airs twice weekly on YouTube, on Wednesdays with host Carolyn Martin and Saturdays with host Stephen Kramer Glickman. Tune in at 2 pm eastern time to see what all the fun is about! You can play along to see how many multiple choice questions you can get right, and polish your trivia skills in case you’d like to be a contestant too!

Just be sure to visit to enter for your chance to become a contestant, as well as the chance to win cash and prizes. Feel free to share the site with your family and friends so they can enjoy playing along, entering to win giveaways, and possibly becoming a contestant too if that’s something they may enjoy doing.

Everyone always has a great time on Winloot Live! That’s what it’s all about! So, be sure to visit and tune in to watch your favorite episodes as well as new ones! And don’t forget to enter all the sweepstakes giveaways. We hope to see your name on the Winners List soon, and possibly watch you ace those trivia questions and spin the wheel to win loot as a contestant on the show!

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